V1 Challenge

V1 Challenge: The championship of the pilots who are fond of audience and excitement

Being the first original racing car of Turkey, VOLKICAR displays its skills at V1 Challenge. The intercity races of V1 Challenge, which brings motor sports to city centers, in the 2011 and 2012 seasons took place before an audience of over 85,000 people.

Designed and produced by Volkan Işık as a real racing car, VOLKICAR plays the leading role in an organization which is a first and unique in Turkey. The racing organization called V1 Challenge turned a new leaf in the history of Turkish motor sports both with its rules and due to the fact that it is held in city centers. V1 Challenge, every season of which consists of 7 races in total, conducted its first race at Ankara Hippodrome on 26 June 2011 whereby it put its signature in the history of motor sports.

Pilots who are more competitive than one another compete to rank first at V1 Challenge. Moreover, V1 Challenge has a motivation-increasing characteristic. Those pilots who rank in the first three in every race win a monetary reward. The pilot coming first in any race wins a monetary reward of TL 6,000, the pilot coming second wins TL 4,000, and the pilot coming third wins TL 2,000. Volkan Işık expresses his opinion about the said monetary reward as follows: "I want to support sportsmen through reward system, introduce rewards system into motor sports, and improve this system in motor sports". The pilot ranking first at V1 Challenge at the end of the season wins a golden cup, the pilot ranking second wins a silver cup, and the pilot ranking third wins a bronze cup besides the monetary rewards they obtain.

The pilot ranking first at V1 Challenge is determined based on the points to be collected in 7 races. In every race, the first gets 20 points, the second gets 17 points, the third gets 15 points, the fourth gets 13 points, the fifth gets 11 points, the sixth gets 9 points, the seventh gets 7 points, the eighth gets 5 points, the ninth gets 4 points, the tenth gets 3 points, the eleventh gets 2 points, and the twelfth gets 1 point. The pilot collecting the biggest number of points at the end of 7 races comes to rank first at V1 Challenge. In the event that total points are equal, the pilot having the highest number of first places is declared to be the first. If there is still an equation, the pilot having the highest number of first places and second places is declared to be the first.

V1 Challenge races take place in unique formats. In this way, the coefficient of excitement rises.

V1 Challenge brings together the experienced race pilots of Turkey and young pilots who attract attention with their fast styles. Moreover, a famous figure sits on the seat of a VOLKICAR as a guest competitor in every race. Creating an audience boom in the regions where it is held, V1 Challenge witnesses many prominent brands from a wide range of sectors sponsoring the organizations and vehicles.