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The first original racing car of Turkey: VOLKICAR

Full-blooded racing car Volkicar came to light. It was designed, developed and produced by Volkan Işık, the rally legend of Turkey. Despite its small structure, Volkicar guarantees a high performance with its high power engine. It has an ambition to be a turning point in the history of Turkish motor sports.

Holding the "most successful rally pilot in the international arena in the history of Turkish motor sports", Volkan Işık put his signature under the first original racing car of Turkey. Called VOLKICAR, the racing car was designed completely based on Turkish engineering. The development process of the car was conducted and managed by Volkan Işık and his team. VOLKICAR was completed in approximately 2 years from the creation of first designs to the production stage. The first version of the racing car bears the V1 logo.

Delivering a speech in the introductory meeting of VOLKICAR, Volkan Işık highlighted that motor sports, which is an integral part of the automotive sector, could not make progress at the same pace as the automotive sector in Turkey. Stating that motor sports are an economically and socially important sector in the developed countries, Volkan Işık mentioned that he aimed to create a Turkish brand in motor sports with VOLKICAR. Volkan Işık has supported 500 active sportsmen in Turkish motor sports in 10 years by racing averagely 50 people a year through the Deltasport organization he arranges. Making an effort to make motor sports reach the bottom, Işık has made 1500 people acquainted with this sport through the seminary titled "The First Step to Rally", which he has been holding for 9 years incessantly.

Volkan Işık explained that motor sports need to be spread to bottom and an opportunity to participate in races with reasonable budgets should be provided in order for motor sports to turn into a real sector. He continued his speech as follows: "The need of Turkey, which is lack of sufficient number of race tracks, is the pleasurable-to-watch racing cars having high-level abilities in terms of striving and dimensions suitable for racing even in small areas". Işık told that VOLKICAR was a reflection of that need.

Volkan Işık described the VOLKICAR project, which he started in December 2008, as follows: "The car which I aimed to reach through an interpretation of all experiences that I had gained from racing cars".

Saying that he developed VOLKICAR by considering the examples across the world in terms of price, driving abilities, pleasure-to-watch and quality, Işık exports racing cars abroad through his VOLKICAR project. Volkicars have been exported to Moldova and Turkmenistan so far.

Receiving the support of Lassa for tires and the support of CMS for rims at development phase, Volkan Işık arranges V Challenge series via his unique racing formats with VOLKICAR.

The chassis of VOLKICAR, which is prepared in accordance with the rules of FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile), has a tubular structure. Manufactured from drawn steel pipes of 42 mm and 32 mm, the safety cage ensures a maximum driver safety. The lower body and upper body of VOLKICAR are manufactured from composite plastic. 115 HP power Yamaha motorcycle engine is preferred due to its high performance despite having a small structure. Volkan Işık has produced over 100 Volkicars up to now.