V2 Challenge Istanbul Thrill Begins


Following the completion of the second season of V1 Challenge raced with VOLKICAR designed and manufactured by Volkan Işık and born as a real racecar, the V2 Challenge Istanbul Cup the amateur pilots wait excitedly is beginning.

The first race in V2 Challenge to be held on Izmit Gulf Racetrack is going to be held on March 02-03. The other races of the series to consist of 3 stages in total are going to be organized by Volkan Işık Academy on March 16-17 and March 30-31.

Free for all

Contributing to spread of the motorsports in Turkey by combining the automobile and sports cultures, V2 Challenge enables anybody who wants to race with an affordable budget, with the intention of attracting more sportsmen to motorsports.

Monetary prize for successful pilots

What makes V2 Challenge Istanbul special for the pilots is not only the automobile they will drive, or that they will race for the first time, but also that the top three pilots at the end of the championship will be given awarded monetary prizes in V2 Challenge too, after V1 Challenge. The champion will won TL 6,000, while the second and third placers will be awarded TL 3,000 and TL 1,000 respectively. The champion of V2 Challenge will be selected through the points to be collected from 3 races. The pilot with highest score at the end of 3 races will become the champion of V2 Challenge Istanbul 2013. In case equal scores, the pilot with the highest number of first-places, or if the equality still continues, the pilot with the highest number of second-places will be announced the champion.

VOLKICAR Workshops go on prior to V2 Challenge

In order to let take the wheel of VOLKICAR, the only original racecar of Turkey, and feel the excitement felt by the V2 Challenge pilots, the VOLKICAR Workshops are open for anybody or any age. The VOLKICAR Workshops organized at Istanbul Atatürk Olympiad Stadium take 1 full day. The courses beginning at 10:00 a.m. with information on VOLKICAR, and continues with practical trainings until 5:00 p.m. After these trainings that are open to any motorsports fans, anybody who so wishes can have a chance to race in V2 Challenge Istanbul Cup. By gaining your first race experience in V2 Challenge Istanbul Cup, you can get involved in this cutthroat competition.

VOLKICAR Workshop Dates

February 2, 2013 Saturday

February 3, 2013 Sunday

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