V1 Challenge, which is organized with the Turkish racing car Volkicar designed by Volkan Işık, completed its second season in 2012. The V1 Challenge event drew intense attention just like in the first year and experienced pilots competed by equal automobiles throughout the season. V1 Challenge was held with 7 laps and the last race took place last month, and the award ceremony was just the one deserved by the tournament. The opening speech was made by Volkan Işık at the event that took place in Power Group Media Center and the event was hosted by Semih Saygıner, who competed in V1 Challenge last year.

   V1 Challenge champion Yağız Avcı received his cup from Volkan Işık while the last champion Burak Çukurova took the second place and the silver cup. The bronze cup went to Can Tolon from Izmir.

   Female pilots Ayşegül Bacak, Özge Yelkenci and Gözde Gizer who ranked high in the race also received their cups. The photograph contest and the most loyal audience awards were awarded this year for the first time.

   The wonderful award ceremony of V1 Challenge came to an end after plaques were given by Volkan Işık to companies who contributed as co-sponsor, car sponsor and support sponsor.